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Imp2 map keysEdit

Quoting the below thread:

Here is a list of 'keyword' generated maps that should give you decent
starting resources. Enter the keyword in the 'Globe room'....

Single Player
ENGLAND: [[Derdir Fimrys]]; [[Rharfa]]; [[Rhanis Cen]]; [[Denirystwyth Ros]]; [[Dallenen Danellen]]; [[Delli]]; [[Cinddaw]]; [[Carfanis]]; [[Ida]]; [[Dirdan]]; [[Llallewys]]
SWEDEN: [[Rhorthyr]]; [[Mul]]; [[Derma]]; [[Llallewys]]; [[Cirrus Diy]]; [[Cerdarthyr]]
PORTUGAL: [[Antanseney]]; [[Dorranddally]]; [[Dontoghllos]]; [[Irthan]]; [[Dent]]
HOLLAND: [[Cerphinny Ar]]; [[Mal]]; [[Testen]]; Llunsalls; [[Mera]]
SPAIN: [[Cangines]]; [[Caellirphen]]; [[Caff]]; [[Armolls]]
FRANCE: We Surrender; George Bush, America; Iraq: (just kidding)... [[Tangilly
Al]]; [[Cenga]]; [[Cingilly]]; [[Llollonawys]]; [[Llubaff]]; [[Inarnanork]]; [[Kenan An]]; [[Centi]];
ISLANDS: [[Cerordag]]; [[Iodork]]; [[Merthimrys]]; [[Llirirmanny]]; [[Anegh]]; [[Merphan]]; [[Arrells]]

Caugi (Holland, France)
[[Rhymnerdi]] (Sweden, Spain)
[[Cwys]] (England, Holland)
[[Mella]] (France, Portugal)
[[Iostavigarthyr]] (Portugal, Holland, Sweden, Spain)
[[Pig]] (Portugal, France, Spain)
[[Llesti]] (Portugal, Sweden, France, England)
[[Cineg]] (France, Sweden, Spain)
[[Nansollaff]] (Portugal, England)
[[Manta]] (France, Portugal)
[[Dintag Memrys]] (all Okay)
[[Ciy]] (Holland. Portugal)
[[Kernaegh]] (England, Potrugal, France, Holland)
[[Astenidas]] (Sweden, Holland)
[[Swority]] (England, Spain, France, Portugal)
[[Cauyorthyr]] (England, Spain)
[[Rhon]] (all OK, Holland is worst)
[[Cordigh]] (Holland, Spain, Sweden)
[[Egininerk]] (England, Holland, France, Portugal)
[[Allormonawys]] ( All Okay, Holland and Portugal are worst)

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