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One of the easy episodes of Trade Empires
Trade on the Nile I

The opportunity to start in Upper or Lower Egypt

Territories and resourcesEdit

You can choose one of two families, one in Lower Egypt, the Memphis family (which has all of the papyrus but no wood) or one in Upper Egypt, the Thebes family. The Eastern Mediterranean and Kush are other territories to exploit. Initial foods located on regional maps are barley and fish, with other early resources present at the start including; flax and papyrus reeds.

Choice of technologyEdit

It is a short episode spanning only two hundred years from 2000-1800 BC. The game notes warn the player only to select technological advances that will assist your chosen strategy.

A learning curveEdit

Slow down the game speed on this scenario and learn micro management for success on the medium and difficult rated maps.


60000 coins required for the ranking Merchant Prince[MP]. Lower Egypt may be the better starting location because you can trade in Papyrus immediately. With no merchant opponents you need to have the money to purchase technological upgrades as they occur or you fall behind in your quest for the highest merchant rating. Masonry, Copper Smelting and Urns all need to be purchased as upgrades immediately they become available in this short scenario. Cloth, Gold Ingots and Ivory Statuettes should be traded regularly as Temples, Palaces and The Pyramid to build income. When you need Tin for Bronze chose the Eastern Mediterranean over Kush because it always has at least one location within a market radius with both Copper and Tin. The player should build a Smelter here. Purchasing the advances Arrow making and Clan Warfare are crucial to achieving MP status. You need to build Barracks and Stables in this episode; they just don’t appear at random locations on the map like later game scenarios.

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