"Town Growth" in Imperialism 2 is the effect of the National Bureaucracy technology. It allows towns to produce materials without use of labor.

Explanation and commentaryEdit

This is huge, representing a potential 50% increase to your economy. Four of a resource in any province gives a free unit of the material made from that resource once the town is upgraded with a builder. Additionally, a unit of steel can be produced from two iron and two coal. If you're lucky enough to have copper and tin in the same province, two copper and two tin gives a free unit of bronze. This usually needs the roads transport two and the level 2 mines to be fully effective. Whenever possible, plan your development as to maximize the benefit from this technology.

The expected material is produced even if all four of the resources come from a single tile.

Comparison with ImperialismEdit

In Imperialism, when a hamlet becomes a village it produces materials in about the same way, and the villages can then grow into towns, producing goods.

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