The Silk Road I is a "medium difficulty" episode in Trade Empires.


1,500,000 coins are required for the title Merchant Prince.


The game notes state: to compete on the Silk Road; “you should eventually assign the bulk of your merchants to long distance luxury trading."

A straightforward game strategy is to trade Antioch Mirrors and Brass Lamps for Chang’an Silk. The episode title is The Silk Road for a reason: you need to concentrate on delivering plenty of it.

Products other than silkEdit

Avoid getting sidetracked in the numerous other products available for production and delivery in the scenario unless you can set up effective local distribution, because the best and most effective land transport in the entire episode is the wheeled dray which is limited to four items and that’s not a lot given it's not quick and the vast distances in this game, across Asia.

Obviously money can be made from trading in Fur Coats, Amethyst and Ruby Rings, Medicine, Glass and later Colored Glass, Dyed Cotton Cloth, Carved Ivory and Marble Sculptures. The episode provides plenty of variety to distract you and lure your profits into trying to make bigger profits.


The AI merchants will clog markets with eight to ten Silk at a time, and an equal numbers of Fur Coats and Rings. You need to have some reasonable size markets for your own regular deliveries that can absorb the AI’s too. The level of Micro management is high for what is rated a medium game. However, the AI merchants don’t service all centres and they don’t compete logically. Look for the gaps and fill them. However,there is a high level of player micro management not to get stuck way back in a queue of AI merchants.

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