This scenario evinced the following comment from User:David4k in Nov 2014:

The Great War 1914 was miserable. A lot of mines were upgraded to be double mines and a lot of Gold was added, especially in Turkey. It looked like you could win with any country. The problem was the amount of existing army was too large. The AI was frozen in defense, except for a one massive assault on Rumelia(think Galipoli), which would then have been for an assault on Istanbul. It was possible to attack and take provinces, but to win you needed to also attack GPs, that was a more time-consuming process. I remember playing Austria and taking would Russia. I would move troops over several turns into a province that was one province from the front. When I had enough, I would walk the troops and rail some more in and attack. That got me one more province, then I would repeat the process in some other neighborhood.

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