Imperialism has many types of terrain. See page 19 of the Manual for full details.

List with possible productsEdit

  • Dry Plains, grain
  • Open Range, livestock
  • Horse Ranch, horses
  • Plantation, cotton
  • Farm, grain
  • Orchard, fruit
  • Fertile Hills, wool
  • Barren Hills*, iron or coal
  • Mountains*, iron or coal or gold or gems
  • Hardwood Forest, timber
  • Scrub Forest, timber
  • Swamp*, oil
  • Desert*, oil
  • Tundra*, oil


All can be usefully visited, at times, by civilian workers except dry plains, horse ranch, and scrub forest.


Those marked "*" need a prospector first and may yield nothing.

Tiles that initially look bare in Imperialism may be very valuable after a prospector spends a turn there.

You do not see mineral resources on tiles outside your empire until you have personally prospected them; but you see developed mines and oil wells everywhere.

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