In Trade Empires, as in most strategy games, advances in technology become available gradually.

Early advancesEdit


The following are already owned when you start the tutorial game:

Shang Dynasty ChinaEdit

First Civilizations IEdit

Trade on the Nile IEdit

The Mycenaean Age IEdit

First Civilizations IIEdit

Trade on the Nile IIEdit

The Mycenaean Age IIEdit

Seafarers of PhoeniciaEdit

The Persian WarsEdit

The Silk Road IEdit

Islam & ByzantiumEdit

British IndustrializationEdit

German IndustrializationEdit

Tang & Song Era ChinaEdit

European High Middle AgesEdit

The Silk Road IIEdit

Indian Ocean TradeEdit

Atlantic Ocean TradeEdit

Roman EmpireEdit

How you get moreEdit

Be patient. All will be revealed. Some you get free. Others become available only to the most wealthy competitor at the time and may be licensed to others, then become available to everyone later.

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