Tang & Song Era China


800000 coins are required for the rank of Merchant Prince in this episode.

There are bonus points for the most populous city in your home region and this hint should be a big part of your MP strategy.

The Ming family located in Hangzhou; which has Rice is a good starting point. Rice is demanded slightly quicker than Wheat, so importing Wheat is the better option for town growth than importing Rice. No regional starting map has all the resources a town/market growth will require. The episode is made difficult by some key products only being deliverable by road and not canals or sea trade.Wheeled carts with a capacity of four items remain the best option in the game for faster deliveries versus the slower ox cart upgrade even with its six possible slots for resources.

This is an episode that allows you to create a metropolis from scratch.The Emporium upgrade is available from the games start and you can find a market with up to six or seven rice fields to create your town. Watching a centre grow from zero to a hundred is very possible in this episode with constant bulk deliveries.

Ming China

An impressive city of ninety; Northeast Hongzhou with an Emporium sized starting radius with seven rice paddies. Why not include some tea? Even from the start and right next door; it’s a controlled import , as was silk. The canal network was obviously very busy.


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