A ship in Imperialism 2 is built in your shipyard, found on the "Units Scroll" in your "Give Industry Orders" screen. Unlike the ships in Imperialism, all have some attack capacity and some armor, all but one have carrying capacity, and each requires a peasant as part of its creation.

Ships appear in an area of sea, initially just next to your capital or to its river mouth, and can be moved from one sea zone to another, the distance in one turn depending on the "Speed" factor.

Table of unit statisticsEdit

table under construction; see page 44 of the Manual but check for errors in tech names

Listed in approximate order of availablity, but you can use the triangle icon at the top of a column to sort by that column

Ships in Imperialism 2
CarrackSmall MerchantNone2495253314-2- 2-Trader
FluyteLarge MerchantSuperior Hull Design3495352416-2- 2-Indiaman
SloopLight WarshipNavigation44952541132-- 1-Frigate
GalleonHeavy WarshipConvoying74855026184-- 3-Ship-of-the-line but loses capacity
TraderSmall MerchantImproved Sail Design3490304415-2- 2Carrack
IndiamanLarge MerchantLarge Hulls45905538112--3 4Fluyte
FrigateLight WarshipAdvanced Hull Design65903552195-- 3SloopRaider but loses capacity
Ship-of-the-LineHeavy WarshipShips-of-the-Line1268065341148-- 5Galleon
ClipperSmall MerchantClipper Ships25903576 -
Merchant SteamshipLarge MerchantMerchant Steamer369060610 -
RaiderLight WarshipPaddlewheels67803560110--616-Frigate-
IroncladHeavy WarshipAdvanced Ironworking127456061 -

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