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Shang China


This easy episode of Trade Empires uses the one-nation map that will be familiar to players who have been through the Tutorial.


You can only play as the T'ang merchant family. The game's time frame is 1700-1100 BC. Initial foods millet and rice, with silk cloth from weavers to make life comfortable.


In this episode you will be delivering five commodities by the end point: Rice, Millet, Silk, Jade Idols and Bronze Vessels.


1684 BC Animal breeding, the Mule has a capacity  of three cargo slots-up on the donkeys two

1670 BC Silk Weaving, 400 coins [cost to the player for the advance] silk is demanded by dwellings

1640 BC  Caravansary, 500 coins, your road network will need to be upgraded to horse transport and  Market radius

1580 BC Jade Sculpting. 500coins, jade is demanded by dwellings

1550 BC ,Early Harness, 600 coins, a faster transporter with a capacity of four items

1490 BC , Masonry, 650 coins, the random appearance on the game map of one Temple and one Palace. You also  have the ability to place your own,where you want them , at a cost of 1000 coins each. Palaces and Temples will demand Silk Cloth and Jade Idols [ later Bronze Vessels]

1450 BC, Wheeled Vehicle , 700 coins, the fastest transporter in this scenario- with capacity of four  trade items

1405 to 1390 BC , Copper Ore , Tin Ore, Bronze Smelting -750 coins- if you can set up smelters at locations with both tin and copper, it will save more of your merchants for deliveries of finished ingots.

1385 BC , Bronze Working, 800 coins, makes Bronze Vessels,  which are demanded by Dwellings, Temples and Palaces. 


75000 coins are required for the status of Merchant Prince. You will need to build a few of your own combined Temple and Palace complexes to generate high profits from Bronze Vessels, Silk Cloth and Jade Idols. About six of each should get you to Merchant Prince. You will also need to exploit the overwhelming majority of map resources to achieve Merchant Prince in what is basically a learning extension scenario. Luckily the map is small.

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