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Robin's Sweden (Hard)Edit

Had to pull out of alliance the first time Portugal was attacked. Miraculously Portugal managed to make peace with three enemies over a period of years with only a little loss of overseas territory.

Imp2-RhymnirthiCopenhagen And Sweden was still alive by about 1760, with three allies, when the emplaced artillery was upgraded, though still bottom militarily.

1768 all against EnglandEdit

1768, England declares war on Portugal. This time, however, England has no allies and we have three allies; and our south-west defences are pretty good. So we take a chance and support Portugal. Our other allies, Spain and Holland, come in with us, as does France. 1769, Holland takes Kent and a former Danish province. 1770 we have a success. Imp2-Rhymnirthi1770EAnglia

The fort was Level II. Early 1770s see England losing more Danish and NW provinces.

1775 Devon is unguarded and we have three provs with biggish forces around it. Can we take it? 1 Peas, 1 Arq, 3 Gen, 2 Coss, 4 Lanc, 10 HorsA. But Eng rushed in 3 Lancers (one a bit wounded) and one Hors A (about 50% wounded). Computer said "Retreat". Retry, manually (with very little experience of manual management). Lost again, but killed the HorsA while losing one of ours and a Lancer; no damage to fort, which is Level III with Heavy Artillery (Rg 11 - whereas HorsA are Rg 7). Try a different mix? More suicides to give HorsA a chance to hit the walls? Then we remembered the "stack" limit. Probably can't muster enough units even with the help of Generals. Try England's NW provinces.

Robin's Portugal (Normal)Edit

Caoital on river: 4 grain, 6 meat, 2 timber; four consulates; spare carrack heads east; rail west then south-west for grain and timber then north-west from bend for more grain then east. Tech: $0 on Animal Husbandry, $100 on Mine Engineering; $200 (the minimum) on Organized Regiments. Two new Explorers help at home until NW available.

Around 1510, competition for Italy calls for 10%; later Eng gives it 25% and we stick with 10. 1518, first GP tech? - Fra has Saw Mill. 1520: Swe and Spa have Animal H so we will get it inside 18 turns; Swe also has Diplomatic Expertise.

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