The Recovery of Spain 1820 scenario for Imperialism is based on Recovery of France 1820 but has distinct differences.


Spain is a Great Power instead of Sardinia and gains Catalonia (and moves its capital to Barcelona) and starts with $50,000, a port on a hill (well worth examining, as are the capital hills), and greater military strength than Great Britain, including an Ironclad.

Some useful technology (notably military) arrives earlier than in standard games. Paddlewheels may appear as early as 1824, Bessemer Converter in 1830, Compound Steam Engine in 1831, Rifled Artillery and Steel Plows in 1833. Breech-Loading Rifles comes at about its usual time, in 1842.


Corsica becomes a separate minor nation. The thereby reduced France is likely to be virtually out of the game soon after any significantly stronger nation declares war on it; double iron in two places on the border with Spain is probably too far away to help.


The filenames are "s7.". Part of one says: "Spain must quickly forcibly unify the Iberian Peninsula. In this era, Spain cannot be termed a true Great Power. Few resources, low levels of training, and the hostility of France preclude success. It has built up arms for the coming campaign. Difficulty: Nigh on Impossible". That's one person's opinion. The scenario has a lot in common with Resurrection of Holland 1815, as may be noted from the illustrations below.


Rail lines "link" depots only if they connect to your capital or a conquered capital, not if they connect only to a port.



The non-traditional approach?

One picture is worth ten thousand words...


The clincher?

Now, not having declared war on anybody in the last 90 turns, and having a relationship that is neutral or better with every remaining nation except the tiny one, what are we waiting for?



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