Random events can occur in Imperialism 2, briefly making a small positive or negative contribution to your position. They can be turned off as part of the game preferences, but the default setting is "On".

Bad thingsEdit

Goods lost in transportation disasterEdit

"An unfortunate series of road accidents have reduced by 1 the amount of each resource received by land transport"

Fortunately it's not "1 per tile". Thus if you are transporting one iron ore from each of two mines this means that for the current turn you will have received one instead of two.

Diplomatic incidentEdit

"Our relationship with Portugal has been damaged by our ambassador's blundering use of the canape fork during desert at a royal fete." (Players can manage without accents on words of French origin but might expect error-proof spelling of words that are now thoroughly English.)

Good thingsEdit

Royal weddingEdit

Your relationship with another Great Power improves.

Immigration adds to labor forceEdit

Two peasants join the citizenry without needing the usual fabric and without asking whether you can feed them.


Other reported events are "earthquake damages mines" and "rats eat grain storage".

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