Pan-Germanism is a scenario developed for Imperialism by Andre Novellino. Unite Germany: but which GP will do it?

Austria is rated "Normal".

Bavaria (covering most of South Germany, colored green) is rated "NOI".

France is rated "Hard".

Great Britain (which has a piece of Hanover, though that's not shown on the initial map) is rated "Easy".

Netherlands (including Belgium and Luxemburg, colored purple), is rated "NOI".

Prussia (colored orange) is rated "Hard".

Switzerland, starting with 2 grain and 3 fish (i.e. supporting only three workers), only $5,000, and no way of putting a railway out to get more food within its borders, is rated "Normal". Go figure? As its color is light blue, the color normally given to Russia, it seems the creator of the scenario may have converted the GP coding without checking all the details.

You can get a zip file from

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