"Nepal" is a map key that produces very mountainous nations in Imperialism.

Most GPs will have to wait until the 1880s to get rail through mountains to get at any fruit and most of their scant resources. They will have to buy food to substitute for the fruit.


Red, blue, and orange seem hopeless, though blue may get an early lead.

Green can have a capital with 2 grain and 5 meat then a short rail line to 2 timber and one fish.

Yellow can have a capital with 3 grain and 4 meat then a port with the same after grain reaches level I.

Teal can have a capital with 3 grain and 3 meat then a rail line to fish and timber then can invade the adjoining MN to get an orchard.

Purple can have a capital with 2 grain and 3 meat then a line to one depot adding 2 timber then extending to a port yielding a 3rd timber and 3 fish; then (or concurrently if you have a 2nd Engineer) a port with linked depot producing in all 2 grain and 4 meat. It may be the best choice.

In addition, most have other port sites for a little timber or grain and fish.

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