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Games using Imperialism's Naval Competition 1882 scenario.

Robin's first recorded game in 2014Edit

Germany. Lots of unemployed unless we process food. So build up the army. Our advisor keeps telling us that GB's navy is more than double ours, so we build the occasional Advanced Ironclad and slowly sell the resulting surplus iron. Prospecting swamps with no great expectation; send one prospector to Morocco, with more promising results.

Concentrate forces in Alsace and Lorraine. Spring 1888, DW on France (which has no allies). Austria and Russia join in, but Italy leaves the alliance - foolishly? Otto falls, having been carved up by Russia and GB.


Now if things go well we can surround Paris then attack it at leisure. It's surprising that GB hasn't invaded northern France. Summer 1890: take Normandie; Russ take Brittany; Italy DW France; GB DW Libya.

Fall 1890. A Developer would be nice. GB obviously has one, with flags in Netherlands. Attack Paris with almost everything available; other units move to the south-east provinces next to Italy. Decline Italy's request for alliance. And program freezes, which probably means we win Paris but that's no consolation.

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