A Minor Nation in Imperialism is one of the (usually sixteen) nations that cannot be played by humans. They have an apparently inexhaustible supply of money for buying expensive finished goods and selling cheap raw resources.


Relationships between nations are shown on a graduated scale when you click the "Foreign Grants Map" or the "Influence Nations" tabs in the diplomacy screen.

A GP that attacks any MN will see relationships decline, most markedly in MNs close to the victim. There has been a suggestion that the MNs are in four groups, which tend to change relationships together, but that idea needs checking. See discussion starter at Hengtom (Imp1)/Red but comment here, please!

Example: Pat has just DW on Kathay, which had a fairly good relationship with Ord.Imp1-Hengtom-Pat-DW-Kathay
Same season, but Zimm DW Twelt years ago; here's its relationships:Imp1-Hengtom-Zimm-DW-Twelt

More from same map but the last two are from second run: Imp1-Hengtom-Ord DW Twe Imp1-Hengtom-Dev DW Issa Imp1-Hengtom2-Ord DW Twelt

Imp1-Hengtom2-Zimm DW Loke

In that last one, Loke became a Devron colony.


A MN that is colonized remains a separate purchasing and selling entity but does all its trade with its Mother Country to the extent sought, with left-overs available for other Great Powers to buy or sell.

The colonization is said to destroy any investments other GPs may have had in land in the colony. A possibly relevant tip from the v 1.1 "readme" file is:

To get rid of another nation's developments in one of your colonies, have the colony boycott that nation.


A MN that is completely conquered may still appear as a purchaser of goods.


In the standard game each "MN" has four provinces, three being normal hamlets guarded by three militia or minutemen and a somewhat stronger fortified capital.

In scenarios there are generally always sixteen too but their sizes can vary considerably.

Standard namesEdit

The names of the minor nations if you select the "standard" option. The capital of each takes the nation name with " City" appended. Other province names are here listed after each nation name; almost half of them will be familiar to players of Imperialism 2.