Strength N/A
Moves Can start work in the same turn as moving
Cost $1,500
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies


Required resources,
materials, arms

1 expert worker + 2 paper

Other attributes


A miner is a civilian unit in Imperialism; a mine can be developed by a miner after a prospector has discovered minerals there. The miner develops mineral deposit tiles to the point where they are mines that produce resources, and it may upgrade them with additional technology to produce more.

Location and productsEdit

A barren hill may yield coal or iron, the two resources needed for making steel.

A mountain may yield those, but may also yield gold or gems, sometimes in association with the commoner minerals. They earn money.

A miner's first visit costs $100. He sets up the mine as a going concern producing the first level of each discovered product each turn, then he can move on to develop another. For coal and gold, level 1 produces two units. For gold and gems it produces one.

After the appropriate technology, Square-Set Timbering (Imp1), is available and purchased, the miner can return for further development, costing $1000 and doubling the output.

Training a minerEdit

A miner is a civilian unit, recruited from among your population's expert workers and trained in the university on production of the standard two pieces of paper and the requisite fee ($1,500). If disbanded, he reverts to being an expert worker (and demands feeding again!).

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