Map keys of length 3, arranged by value. (The Value page will help you calculate.)
Please list for each value in ASCII order (numerals then capitals then lower-case). Separate them by spaces, but use quotation marks to clarify any that themselves contain spaces (the hex20 or dec32 character). Keys that have their own articles should be turned into links (how? - double-click to highlight then click the Ab button in the editing tools above the edit box). The use of spaces (except between letters), quotation marks, or other characters outside the numerals and unaccented letters is not encouraged in the listing of map keys: there are hundreds of billions of possible values obtainable with 32 characters using just digits or letters, and probably fewer than a million people play these games, so please don't be awkward! A small number of exceptions may be listed here just as a curiosity.

  • ÀTX
  • 455 AAA
  • 456 AAB
  • 457 AAC ABA
  • 458 AAD ABB
  • 459 AAE ABC ACA
  • 480 AAZ ABX ACV
  • 481 ABY ABY ACW
  • 482 ABZ
  • 483 ACY
  • 484 ACZ
  • 485 ADY
  • 486 ADZ
  • 487 AAa
  • 551 Aaa
  • 561 Aak Abi Acg
  • 580 Acz Adx Aev Aft Agr Ahp Ain Baz Cen
  • 630 ZZZ
  • 631 ZWa
  • 637 ZWg ZZa
  • 679 aaa
  • 854 (the largest value possible with unaccented letters) zzz

So there are at least 400 possible different maps obtainable from three-letter keys. That should keep any gamer happy for a few months before moving onwards and upwards.

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