Players who report on map keys they have used may be unwittingly describing a map that has been described for an equivalent key, i.e. a key of the same length and value. Even on this wiki it has happened at least once - with the same reporter of both descriptions!

Use of the subpagesEdit

Subpages of this page are for voluntary listing of keys according to values. See 2 for how to set them out. If you have examined a key that contains from 2 to 9 characters, you are invited to calculate its value then add it to the appropriate line on a subpage, checking whether any other key has already been listed in that line; compare the maps if one has.

Subpages are "named" according to the number of characters in the key length:

  1. 2 length 2
  2. 3 length 3
  3. 4 length 4
  4. 5 length 5
  5. 6 length 6
  6. 7 length 7
  7. 8 length 8
  8. 9 length 9

Beyond that point, calculation becomes more and more tedious and the likelihood of matching keys is steadily reducing. We can add more if it ever seems worthwhile.

Calculation toolEdit

The following is a relevant extract from a posting to the Imp list in February 2015:

File : /
Uploaded by : esalkin <ed056"at">
Description : Calculates the numeric values of map generation strings.
You can access this file at the URL:

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