Level 1 is the first stage of improvement of a terrain tile, usually adding a single unit of output per turn. In Imperialism it takes most tiles from producing one unit (the standard "unimproved" state) up to producing two units, whereas in Imperialism 2 it takes them from 0 to 1.

Some terrain types, such as horses and scrub forest, have no higher levels, but most go on to at least three.


The specific article has not been created for (or "Level 1" is not part of) Imperialism

Level 1 generally adds a single unit of output per turn (up from 1 to 2) and costs just $100 but for mines it results in an increase of two units of output (up from 0 to 2).

Imperialism 2

Level 1 is not present in (or the article has not been created for) Imperialism 2
See also: Level 2 and Level 3

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