Kidasticks is a map key that produces an interesting map in Imperialism 2.

The two biggest GPs, with 7 provinces each, are:

  • Portugal, with 15 grain farms, 7 open ranges, and 3 horse ranches, adjoins one GP and one MN; its best capital site can support a population of 12, and it can discover cotton and sugar cane on its first ship move; but its own iron ore deposits are quite a distance from the capital and nobody seems to sell any (well, maybe a unit or two every couple of decades). At least it is better off than neighbour Spain in that regard: Spain has only five provinces and has to run a line even further to reach its iron ore.
  • Sweden, with 25 grain farms, 5 open ranges, 2 copper and 4 iron ore, but no horse ranches and no tin, adjoins one GP and exclusively three MNs; probably the easiest win.

Ireland, Scotland, and most of the GPs have horses as their main or only stated export early in the game.

Tin is in short supply. England, France, and Sweden have none; the other three GPs have one each. So all will be looking to use diplomatic and/or military means to get supplies to go with the much more plentiful copper for the early heavy artillery and important mid-game military units such as horse artillery.

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