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The purple nation seems to be the most difficult when using the Map key "Scotland" in a game of Imperialism.

Before you can put railroads into hills (in the late 1830s), your only tiles that produce transportable resources will be two cattle ranches and a few ocean and bare plain tiles, along with any mineral tiles you may find.

Declaring war on Kessel, which has readily accessible food, wool, and timber, just across the strait, may be part of a good strategy. It is easy at "Introductory" level, but you will need a second warship for a successful early landing. Imp1-Scotland-Kessel


Developer has already bought a wool farm and a coal deposit in Sindel. Now we marshal troops for an invasion of Twelt's eastern province for more fruit. Later a similar approach to eastern Zinlu.


But it was only 84 votes. I thought it had to be 90. Never mind. Still only 8 horses used. Fruit short but improving.

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