Islam & Byzantium


1500000 coins are required for the title Merchant Prince in this episode. The scenario has special points for the delivery of any medicinal products and any weapons to any market. Olive Oil is treated as medicinal in this scenario.

This episode is rated medium with three families but it’s difficult to build a lot of income quickly before swords appear. Use Gold and Mints as a starting revenue.There are always two Mints that pay a high price for gold bars on the Constantinople map. The nearest gold is the Antioch map. Start with two camels,they are slow but the return is regular and high. Once the route is upgraded to wheeled carts you meet the demand easily; with one merchant. Why not build more Mints? Well they cost 6000 coins each.

Allocating several merchants to Greek Fire in the last two hundred years of play will really boost your score. The Constantinople map often has all the raw ingredients for Greek Fire in a market radius. Add a Chemist and mass produce it.

Keep separate the production of Swords and Chain Mail. The later requires huge amounts of processed iron ore. Make Swords in one location, Chain Mail in another. The Antioch map often has locations with three iron mines in a market radius; these are a good location for both smelting iron and manufacturing Chain Mail.

Fletcher's should be built at double wood supplies in Antioch, from here you can supply in most adjoining map directions. Bows are made quickly and are a high demand item. 

Whatever you do, have a game plan and stick to it. An olive oil and weapons focus on just the Constantinople and Antioch maps can achieve MP. Don't get lured by canal building or chasing Incense in far off Mecca unless it serves your plan. Paper, Coffee, Lamps and Silk are all options but the bonus points are not in these items.

Wealth grows slowly and then hopefully rapidly towards the end of this episode.

There is likely to be some advantage in turning on both the Random and Historical events [if disabled] in the Player Options as this was a period of warfare and prices at times will be higher [though equally there is the risk of random events disrupting production and deliveries.]

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