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Portugal on the random map generated by map key Iorrea in Imperialism 2 has the most grain of any nation and fair numbers of most other items. Its best capital site could be near the source of a river, producing 6 grain, 3 fish, and 4 timber at the start and close to several wool sources and other forests. It is among the closest GPs to the New World.

Report on "Normal" Game 1Edit

  • 1502 choose the 4-timber up-river site for capital and start road to south-east; soon it's clear that we have several minerals in the high country to the east
  • 1514-16 get some free immigration (not entirely welcome because our food is a little short) and capture Xela because it has lots of desert and a 7-fish-plus-sugarcane port site; good move, because it revealed diamonds almost immediately; nobody else had captured a NW province at that stage
  • 1518 Diplomatic Expertise - which nobody else had; soon we get an Embassy with the Mayas because despite their current dislike of us they have some very valuable tiles in their capital province
  • 1522 Superior Hull Design - and start saving for a Fluyte
  • 1530 Saw Mill - which a few other GPs have; now the goal is level-2 iron because it's rather short and we're not buying as much as we want; currently selling lumber and wool to get income, because our 8 workers are fulltime producing lumber and cast iron and saving up for the Fluyte that will let us bring in lots more food so's we can grow; familiar story!
  • 1534 finally find tin at home, as our Xela road is reaching out for the diamonds before engineer goes home to exploit more minerals
  • 1542 England DW on Sweden as Sweden discovers gold in Ginosar. Our population is 9+8 with food to match, and we have 10 workers. Sweden takes Galon, next door to Ginosar, from England!
  • 1544 Mine Engineering and Merchant Companies. Diamonds are now coming home. Three of our troops in Amecameca (which we captured a few years ago) attack Cholula, which has tin and iron. Order 5th Explorer. Research Iron Mining and Precious Stone Mining.
  • 1546 take Cholula. Order Fluyte. Things must be going well!
  • 1548 France also DW on Sweden - maybe it will do better than Eng. We find a third iron at home and silver in Thurston, which we attack. Order peasant. Capture Thurston. Spain gets Lenai Lenape.
now just highlights
  • 1554 capture Malinalco
  • 1562 capture Tenochitlan
  • 1566 capture Miami - 3 fur
  • 1572 10 grain
  • 1574 11 grain; order fluyte, arquebusier, and 2 peasants
  • 1578 find gold in Tlaxcala and capture it
  • 1584 12 grain; order 2 lancers
  • 1588 Eng and Fra make peace with Swe
  • 1590 capture Cherokee
  • 1594 12 workers (briefly, but we will have 12 again soon after building another Fluyte and another Arquebusier)
  • 1596 capture Jacksonville and plan to get Brisbane with its gems and diamonds
  • 1598 order fluyte
  • 1600 take Brisbane
  • 1602 order 2 peasants, take Pasco
  • 1604 12 workers
  • 1606 take Kenniwick
  • 1608 Road Construction. 13 grain.
  • 1610 order fluyte, take Detroit with $3,694
  • 1612 immigration; 14 grain; order peasant; take Quebec; Sugar Refining
  • 1614 14 workers; take Montreal
  • 1616 Precious Metals Mining; 15 grain; take Toronto
  • 1618 order 2 peasants
  • 1620 take Mul
  • 1622 16 workers; take Osnot
  • 1624 Animal Husbandry; order 2 peasants
  • 1626 order Fluyte; fail in an attack: 2 Arq (1k), 2 Lanc v 3 Club, 4 Spear, 2 Arch - much more defense than estimated
  • 1628 16 grain; order Arqueb; Holland has colonized Ireland
  • 1630 Apprentice Workers and Improved Sea Routes; STATUS - we are 2nd to Spain but militarily bottom; order 2 Pikemen; Spain seeks alliance: OK; take Carib
  • 1632 order peasant and pikeman; 17 grain
  • 1634 immigration; we succeed this time in taking Azcapot...
  • 1636 18 grain; order 2 peasants, 2 pikemen - and in 1638 they arrive and bring a General
  • 1640 Improved Iron Weapons; 19 grain; order 2 peasants
  • 1642 order Halb and Arqueb
  • 1644 transporting our own tin, so we can buy less; Military status is now up to 4th
  • 1646 gold in Penthar, gems in Carib; take Wounded Knee
  • 1648 20 grain; order 2 peasants; take Tampa
  • 1650 Sugar Planting; order 2 Halberdiers; Overall rank #1 but military still #4
  • 1652 Convoying; 21 grain; order 2 peasants
  • 1654 Copper and Tin Mining; diamonds in Kenniwick; order 2 Halb; take Penthar
  • 1656 22 grain
  • 1660 23 grain; order 3 peasants
  • 1662 France colonizes Italy; 18 workers; order first Galleon
  • 1664 24 grain; order 2 peasants
  • 1666 order 2 peasants
  • 1668 transporting 4th cattle; order 2 Halb; 20 workers
  • 1670 Cigar Production; Status: overall 2nd to England, military 2nd to Spain
  • 1672 Horse Artillery; 25 grain; order 3 peasants
Imp2Port sees Swe take Bavaria 1672

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