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1997: new turn-based strategy game "Imperialism", developed by Frog City Software, published by Strategic Simulations. Seven Great Powers and 16 Minor Nations start after the Battle of Waterloo!
Rule the world without firing a shot if your diplomatic endeavors work well enough.

Then Imperialism 2. Six Great Powers in 1502, with most of the Minor Nations in the undiscovered New World, with new luxuries and riches. The "First Nations" get stronger in time, if they survive.

Then Trade Empires, combining popular elements of Civilization, Caesar III, Knights II, and Railroad Tycoon!

Over a decade later, the games are still being played and discussed and modded.

This wiki will help players of those games and the developers of the next (free) versions. You can edit it - jump in and help!

is a collaborative guide and knowledge base that anyone can edit
catering for everything related to Frog City Software's Imperialism strategy game
and later games
Useful pages
  • Imperialism - outline of the game, and places whence you can get it
  • Technology (Imp1) - with links to detailed articles
  • Imperialism 2 - almost entirely based on the Wikipedia article at present but with up-to-date links to numerous separate pages on this wiki
  • Technology (Imp2) - listing not just the prerequisites and effects but also which higher techs each tech is required for and how much you pay for research
  • Resources in Trade Empires - details for only a few of the 19 possible episodes: dive in and help finish it!!
  • Category:Help - mostly about wikis initially, but you can add any page to that category
  • Forum:Watercooler - discuss the way the wiki should develop
  • Help desk - ask away!

Featured article

Expansion is critical to winning a game of Imperialism:

Population is expanded through the Capitol, by offering to start country people off in the city with canned food, clothing, and furniture, all of which need to be bought (needing merchant marine capacity) or manufactured.

As long as they remain residents (not having been sent into the army or retrained as specialist civilians), your people need raw food every turn (every four of them needing two grain, one fruit, and one meat); that cannot be bought but must be brought into the city in freight cars. An expensive alternative, if one class of food runs out, is canned food, but a can feeds only one worker though it is the result of putting together food that would have sustained two workers. When canned food runs out, workers can stay alive on an unbalanced diet but ... Read more ...

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    New page: Forums: Index > Help desk > Transport network - what is it? The "help" message for "Rail Depot" says "If connected to the transport network,...
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  • discussion page Talk:Key 1815
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    Comment: The date on the first trade screen is spring 1815.  Clicking on the Foreign Minister gets you various screens. I am currently looking at a screen...
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    Comment: You say "On the first turn, I prefer to attempt to get four buys from the Minor Nations where I have Consulates." - no? On your first turn you do not...

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Weblogs and other news

  • 3

    Executive Summary:

    This is an explanation of what I discovered as chronicled in User_blog:Enojado271/Imp_2_Map_Gen_Keys:_Over-Explained.

    Every map key has two parts, a value and a length. Every key with the same value and length produces the same map. The length is simply the number of characters in …

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  • 2

    ETA: I tried to put this together more concisely in another blog post. See User blog:Enojado271/Imp 2 Map Gen Keys: In Summary for something maybe a little clearer.

    Note: I did all this on version for Windows.

    Known pairs:

    Igea/Blue (from the wiki)
    Swiga/Swark for roots iga/ark

    Read more >
  • 0
    Robin Patterson

    Trade Empires

    February 18, 2013 by Robin Patterson

    Frog City's Trade Empires is as addictive as the company's earlier productions. Download is now available from one of the groups I belong to. Infinite variety, giving you over a dozen maps with a different distribution of resources etc every time you hit "NEW GAME". Better than Railroad Tycoon in seve…

    Read more >
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