German Industrialization


2000000 coins are required for a rating of Merchant Prince in this episode.

The game,1835-1905, is described as an wide open one map episode like British Industrialization. There are no special factors in winning and no merchant opponents. Iron rails are available from the start. So are Bronze Cannons which last until Iron cannons appear in 1874. Muskets are available from the beginning too, until replaced by Rifles in 1881.

Getting capital for improvements and the large amounts of coins to lay rail tracks over big distances are the initial problems. There are so many “goodies” on the map you can be seduced away from a good strategy to achieve Merchant Prince. Coins can be made from towns but not enough for building the 'cash' required for maximum returns. Towns require Salt Fish, Wheat, Wine and Beer for growth, then later Wool from Sheep and Dye which requires both a Weaver and Dye maker.

Creating population markets doesn't appear the best MP strategy in this episode. The merchant player will also need to decide to invest in rails, or canals or limited coastal shipping,

An effective route to MP is to service military and political demand structures. Initially trading in gunpowder and silver ingots. There are four Legislative Assemblies [The British Industrialization scenario only has one in London]. This reflects the historical reality of the German States before Unification, but is a real game advantage. Mints which become available following the relatively early and cheap upgrade of Centralized Coinage are good money earners too. The 6000 coin cost can be met quickly in this game –so additional Mints can be built within a market radius that contains a Legislative Assembly, then  add  a Church and a Cathedral, if not present and you have a regular demand for 10 finished silver ingots at around 700+ coins each.

Once you have a coin hoard invest in rails, steam engines, iron cannons and rifles for the big profits.

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