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Use "frogcity" (a term clearly based on the name of the developers Frog City Software) as your map key in Imperialism or Imperialism 2 for an interesting playable map in each case.

(The Daily Imperialist page about Imperialism 2 map keys has a description that fits only the Imperialism version. Maybe the otherwise reliable dminoz was a bit hasty in accepting the contents of fan mail without checking.)


Main article: Frogcity (Imp1)

Green GP has lots of iron and even more scrub forest and quite a bit of coal with some gems, but coal and gems are not accessible till railroads can go through hills (i.e. till you get Compound Steam Engine in about 1837), so prepare to invade a minor nation or two but watch your back!

Imperialism 2

Main article: Frogcity (Imp2)

Portugal or the green GP adjoins two other GPs and one MN and has three iron ore and two coal. You have only five provinces (whereas three of your rivals have seven each) and will need to buy most of your tin (so talk nicely to Switzerland). The New World covers three islands. Early invasion may be desirable while the tribes are poorly defended.

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