Factories are important parts of Imperialism 2, converting purchased or gathered resources into saleable materials that are nearly always worth rather more than what went into them.


The term can include "mills" and several other words such as "looms" and "smelters". See the example screenshot below.

Appearance and sizeEdit

Whereas in Imperialism factories appear as actual buildings on an isometric view of your capital city, in Imperialism 2 they are merely rows on a table of industries, in the "Production Scroll" of the "Give Industry Orders" screen, and have no fixed capacity.


In either game, the number of products you can produce on any given turn is limited partly by how many of the products you have in the warehouse and partly by the current number of available labor units.

In all cases, the production formula is "2 labor units plus 2 units of input produces next turn one unit of product".


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