Colonization of the World 1820 is an Imperialism scenario by dr_spet, created circa 2006.

details from s32.inf description, slightly edited


This scenario has been created in such a way that every major power has a chance to win, though Great Britain has some small advantages (on balance)

^^Victory is attained by a 2/3 majority vote in the Council of Governors. But there will be no meeting until 1835!

Imp1 Colonization of the World 1820

Great PowersEdit

  • Great Britain is isolated by water and enjoys naval supremacy. The country is far ahead of the rest of Europe in trade volume, merchant marine, and industrialization. However, its army is small at the start.
    • Difficulty: Normal
  • Russia's advantages are her huge size and her huge army. On the other hand vast transport problems and poor levels of training mean that Russia has a much more difficult time industrializing than do many of the other Powers.
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • The Netherlands starts the game as a weakening power; its size is small, as is its army. The Netherlands will have to use its larger fleet to get colonies and survive. Very quickly the Netherlands will have to look abroad for resources
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • Germany in the era is relatively small and weak, but Germany has very good mineral resources, which are the prerequisite to building an army. Germany will have to quickly industrialize and then expand, either by conquest or by making colonies
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • France begins the game diplomatically isolated from the other great powers. However, France has advantages. Her industries are more advanced than the majority of those of the other great powers, though France will have to look abroad for more resources. Play France for a challenging but winnable game.
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • The United States is a growing power which is far away from European conflicts, it should try to unite North America and get strength this way. Before starting any conflicts it will have to expand its navy to counter the much larger English fleet
    • Difficulty: Hard
  • The Ottoman Empire hasn't got that many resources, except a load of oil. Its best hope on victory is to acquire a monopoly on oil. Rapid expansion may be the best way to survive
    • Difficulty: Hard

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