Civilians in Imperialism and Imperialism 2 are the non-military ground units who make terrain improvements and do a few other things. They do not need feeding or any other sort of maintenance, and they can move instantly to any land tile in your nation or any nation with which you have an embassy.


The specific article has not been created for (or "Civilian" is not part of) Imperialism

You train one by sending an expert worker to University with two pieces of paper and the fee - which can be anything from $500 to over $1500. He requires food in the one turn he is training. When they seem to have no useful work ahead, you can disband them, and they revert to being expert workers.

At the start of a standard game, you need an Engineer and a Prospector. Soon you will want a Farmer and a Miner and maybe a second Engineer (and maybe a third if your coasts and rivers have many good sites for ports or you feel the need for more or stronger forts). Several others will become available as you purchase specific technology.

Engineers cannot work outside your own nation.

Imperialism 2

The specific article has not been created for (or "Civilian" is not part of) Imperialism 2

Civilians are similar to those of Imperialism, but some have different names. The Engineer is much the same, but also builds roads and can work in a minor nation that has joined your empire. The others are:

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