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Robin's second runEdit


Around 1556: Finally reached Dauphine with developed wool and iron ore (the second of each). So now shipping five processables per turn.

1564: home explorer has tried everything and moves to New World; shipping 3 wool, 1 tin, 2 iron ore, and one more grain than necessary; send two knights against Ciboney. Success: Taino lose Spearman but two Archers escape. England has four NW provinces; Spain and Portugal each have two; we other three each have one.
1568: interest up to 28% as we find a second gold tile and order another worker to take us back up to 8.
1570: Two knights defeat 4 archers (killing one): we have Timucua, cutting England off from easy access to the gems that we found inland from Cuzco.
1578: Two knights and bowman against Pachacamac. Success, killing one of three defenders, as Sweden gets its 3rd and 4th NW province.
1588: Transporting 9 grain, 8 beef, so prepare to grow. Poised to attack gold+silver province but money tight.
1592: Organized Regiments, which only 2 others have (and we had put a few hundred dollars into).
1598: Recruit 2 peasants, to take us to 10. Hoping to upgrade knights soon. In Overall Ranking we're 5th, above Holland; but we're 6th in Military Strength - not by much: 1 or 2 units behind the middle four, and they are 2 or 3 behind leader Sweden. Sweden and England each have eight NW provinces.
1602: upgrade knights to Lancers; attack 3-tent province with our 4 units. Start researching Horse Artillery (which only Sweden has): 41 turns if we pay nothing. Closely-fought battle sees us kill one spearman and wound the other two and the three archers: our Peasant Levies was the deciding factor, sticking it out to drive back the last defender. Four provs, three seriously valuable; now all that they need is a port and a long road and some development.
1608: Spain DW on us.

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