Buildings (real or virtual) are an important part of most strategy games, including Trade Empires, Imperialism and Imperialism 2.


Main article: Building (Imp1)

The capital city and its buildings are visible when you open the second menu ("Give Industry Orders") on the main menu bar in Imperialism.

On easy levels you may already see three or four mills and a matching number of factories when the game starts, but on harder levels you have to build those yourself. At all levels you have to expend lumber and steel to expand those buildings.

The initial buildings at all levels are eight in number:

Decorative structures such as statues may appear later, along with spaces for an Oil Refinery and a Power Plant.

Imperialism 2

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Imperialism 2 has screens, panes, or scrolls with similar functions to those of Imperialism (except for the food processing and railyard) but no appearance of physical buildings and no process of expanding any.

Trade Empires

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Trade Empires has over a hundred types of building.

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