This page documents various known bugs in the latest Windows version of Imperialism (from

  • Civilians can't be selected if they've been ordered to "sleep" in a province capital tile. This can be worked around by selecting another civilian unit, which allows the selection to work. You're out of luck if all your civilians are sleeping in a province capital.
  • If the system date is set to year 2038 or later, going to the Industry Orders screen will crash the game. Adjusting the system date fixes the issue.
  • Resources on the eastern most edge of the map are not clickable/improvable. This is only a problem when playing scenarios, as randomly-generated maps will not have land tiles touching the map's edge. If you're playing Russia or Turkey, it's not possible to move your civilians to those tiles, and thus they cannot be prospected or improved. The AI is not affected by this bug. No known workarounds exist.

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