"Ancient Greece" is the name of an imaginative, well-documented scenario created for Imperialism. It uses "s27." files. Submitted to the Zetaboards Imperialist forum in February 2010 by user "kadjai", with the words "Let me know if you find any bugs. One known bug is an iron mine in the desert in Macedonia".



Centred on the Aegean Sea, allegedly about a century before Alexander the Great became prominent, it has a weak 15-province Persian Empire outpost in Asia Minor, with one other GP on that coast but the other five on the European side. Two of the minor nations are bigger than most of the GPs but poorer in resources.

Despite the setting's antiquity, the starting year is 1835, with appropriate techs mostly in place. You get 1 grain from a bare plain, a refreshing change from some scenarios.

Descriptions contain a spelling error or two but none worse than Frog City's "plantions"! Also no direct indication on the opening screen of difficulty levels - but you find them when you choose a nation then save a game.


Northernmost GP and the second-largest with 11 provinces. Turns out to be "Hard", with only $2,500 in initial cash. Prospector is the only civilian, and the warehouse looks a bit bare. Build an engineer early.

Before you have to cross the western hills, you have a reasonable amount of food and scrub forest, three easily-reached cotton and wool tiles, two horses, two iron, and one coal. Build your first railway line west then south-west for essential fruit and useful initial timber supply, and when they come on stream you should have found some coal.

Ten techs, up to Paddlewheels and Steel Plows. Prepare to spend a bit on Bessemer Converter and the Compound Steam Engine some years after they become available; you are unlikely to be able to afford either straight away.

Persian EmpireEdit

Occupies most of Turkey apart from small coastal areas (of which the most significant is the mainland portion of GP Ionia).

$2,500 to play with - so the level must be "NOI". You have a consulate in Crete, 3 mills, 3 factories, and a variety of resources and materials in your warehouse. Status shows all GPs equal, but the separate tables show differences, e.g.: we are bottom in Diplomatic Strength while Ionia is top; and we are bottom in Labor - but we have enough surplus food to be able to overcome that deficit fast.

Ten techs, up to Paddlewheels and Steel Plows.


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