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Random Old WorldEdit

Portugal on level 200Edit

Capital up-river, with three grain, three fish, two (?) cattle, and two forest. Make paper so as to order a 2nd Explorer. Consulates in Italy for wool and horses and in Switzerland for iron. Road heads south-west at first because there are so few potential iron sites in the north-west that we will be fairly sure to want a road to the southern hills early.

Grow to Labor 6 as soon as it's clear that you won't run out of food.

1520 or a bit earlier

Stop building road, in case we need to divert to iron in some other nation. Fortunately, aggressive subsidies have kept Switzerland happy enough to supply us with iron.


Find first iron ore - almost as far south as it could possibly be! First capture of New World province: Sweden takes Bronco.


Find second iron


Bad news: no more iron. Start exploring Neutral States with a view to invading or using a merchant.


Getting desperate with Switzerland: raise subsidy to 50%, which does the trick. And trial bids for cast iron successful: Sweden sells us some (which suggests that it's getting iron in good quantities from the NW because it has only one local mine); later Spain does the same.


Explorer finds gems - but only where another GP has already planted a flag.


Find gold


Seen whole NW coast


Transporting 1 wool, 4 timber, 1 iron ore - at last! Now we can grow.


Guess how close our tin supplies are! So the distant copper will not be wasted. And our second iron is now coming along the roads.


Start researching Horse Artillery: 41 turns @ $0. Spain is the only GP that has it.


Switzerland offers two iron: some kind competitor has bought a tile and built a mine and roading. Just when we can't really afford even one! But we buy one: debt $404, credit limit $298 @ 14%. We still get preference, but won't often be buying two at a time, so the builder nation will see some reward.


Food 7+7; order 2 peasants.


Labor 8


Labor 10


Labor 12. Embassy in Italy, as we have seen one iron and expect to see others, as well as getting money back through wool discounts.


Horse Artillery - beating England to it

to be continued; highlights include reaching #1 status in Military in 1668

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